For your used household appliances, trust our 40 years of experience.

For your used household appliances, trust our 40 years of experience.

Since our beginnings, at Appareils R.V. Dupuis, we have specialized not only in the sale but also in the reconditioning of used household appliances. Our range of used appliances includes electric and gas stoves, refrigerators, conventional and front-end washers, as well as dryers. From time to time, we occasionally have used freezers and, much more rarely, used dishwashers.

By working every day since 1976 on North American branded appliances, we have come to know the qualities of each brand. Above all, we demand reliability and durability of the appliance, regardless of its logo. In order to meet our requirements and offer you an appliance you can trust, each of our used appliances is meticulously tested by our experienced technicians.

The verification steps taken by your future used appliance
Furthermore, the experience our technicians have accumulated by carrying out equipment repairs in our workshops and at our customers’ sites allows us to determine which make and especially which model we can refurbish. We strive to reduce the uncertainty about the life span of a used electrical appliance as much as possible. To this end, we have implemented a three-stage selection and quality control process.

The first step is the selection of the device. In order to ensure better traceability of each used appliance we offer, we favour the selection of appliances that have already been purchased from us by our customers. Since 2013, we have been keeping a file that serves as a history for each appliance verified in our workshops. A unique serial number identifies each unit. In addition, we select North American brand units because the manufacturers train technicians in Quebec. All of this allows us to ensure fast and efficient service.

During the second stage, the electro stays in our workshop where our technicians rigorously test its functions as well as its mechanical and electronic parts. Special attention is paid to wear parts, which are most likely to break in the short or medium term. It is this complete verification that determines whether the used appliance is good for resale or not. If these tests prove positive, the appliance then undergoes a quality control by one of our technical supervisors.

The third and final step begins as soon as the technical supervisor gives his approval. It is at this stage that your future second-hand appliance is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

A word about our warranty for used appliances

Our expertise in reconditioning used appliances is backed by the best warranty in the field, namely a complete one-year warranty on parts and labour, which is enhanced by an “anti-lemon” clause. This clause protects you against manufacturing errors and repetitive breakdowns related to a specific part. In other words, if the same part has been the subject of three service calls for the same problem, and, in the opinion of our technician, needs a fourth repair, Appareils R.V. Dupuis will replace the electro with a comparable device.

To learn more about electro in general, you can consult the site Proté

So, if you are looking for a used appliance, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to answer you and help you with your kitchen.