In Quebec, preparing food and welcoming visitors around a gathering table is part of our DNA.

What is Quebec’s distinctive style of cuisine?

The kitchen is a particularly important place to celebrate the pleasure of eating a carefully prepared dish while enjoying the presence of loved ones. What is Québec’s unifying style of cuisine?

A wall decoration for the kitchen that represents Quebec values.
In Quebec, receiving and welcoming visitors for dinner around a large gathering table is part of Quebec’s values. To add a warm and unifying touch, add a wall decoration and paint part of your wall in slate.

In addition to adding warmth to the kitchen, using slate also allows you to leave messages to those around you. Your guests can also leave you a note or a drawing that will brighten up your next morning.

A kitchen layout that brings together

In Quebec, everyone contributes their part and helps to prepare the group dinner! Preparation is part of the evening and the kitchen must be set up so that everyone can work together.


The open-air kitchens offer large spaces that allow several guests to participate in the potato peeling or cocktail mixing before dinner. Several types of open-air kitchens are available according to your preferences.

Open-air living room kitchen: It allows you and your guests to swing between the kitchen and the comfort of the living room for a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

Dining room open-air kitchen: If you love to cook and want to make a large dinner with several courses, the dining room open-air kitchen allows you to stay in your dishes while enjoying your loved ones.

Kitchen open to the outdoors: A real treat during the beautiful seasons in Quebec!

Dining room decor and rustic kitchen with a touch of Quebec.
Do you have a preference for a rustic kitchen or dining room decor? Go according to your tastes and personality. The Quebec touch is above all personal! In Quebec, standing out and having a strong unique touch is part of the DNA of the beautiful province.

In 2020, the trend in Quebec is towards rustic cuisine. The rustic touch evokes the authenticity of Quebec’s regions and countryside. For a 100% Quebec decor, give priority to barn wood! In addition to being ecological, barn wood is solid and comes from Quebec barns that must be dismantled.

In the end, the most important thing for your Quebec kitchen is that you live it with your memories and your personality.

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